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N O R B E R T     N E P E L A

Norbert is an experienced business consultant with strong process analysis and design skills that he can effectively use to define corporate process model, design/optimize individual processes, including specification of business requirements on IT/IS used, and optimize the underlying organizational structure. 

He has strong background in strategy formulation and implementation. He is familiar with a wide range of strategic tools, including Balanced Scorecard for various areas, including IT. He is experienced in linking strategy to processes.

His expertise further covers performance management systems and corporate controlling on strategic, process, and operational levels.

J Á N     K O V Á Č I K

Jan is an experienced management consultant and project manager with main area of expertise in

  • Process Management, Operations Effectiveness & Performance management
  • IT Management, Processes, Strategy and Transformation (including ITIL and COBIT frameworks)
  • Project Management (including PRINCE2 methodology)

Jan has clear goal orientation and strong sense of responsibility, resulting in the ability to deliver reliably regardless of external circumstances. He is a genuine team player putting team goals ahead of own interests, emphasizing intense communication and assertiveness that allows him to build close connections to people at all levels. 

Jan combines a strong analytical and problem solving ability with business sense, continually focusing on client needs. He takes advantage of the ability to view problems from different angles, always searching for deep understanding of how things work. This, in addition to fast learning and high flexibility, form a unique combination that allows him to excel even in unfamiliar areas and environments.